Writing Your Legislator

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Be polite.

Even if you disagree with your legislator or their opinions always be respectful and considerate. If you oppose his or her stance on a particular piece of legislation express your disagreement without resorting to rude or threatening language.

Be concise.

Keep your letter short and to-the-point. Include all the relevant details, but don’t go on for longer than necessary.State your purpose by explaining why you are writing and what action you would like your legislator to take.

For example,

“I am writing to ask you to support HR 121.” When referring to legislation, make sure you cite the bill correctly and with the appropriate numbers.

You can include facts or statistics (NAMI’s website is a good source) about mental illness if it supports your point.

Give a little bit of background on yourself or your family if relevant, and briefly explain why your legislator’s action on a particular piece of legislation is important to you.

Thank your legislator for their support.

Restate your purpose.

Leave your contact information. Include your address, phone number, and email.

You can also email your legislator using the same general format as a letter. 

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