This time of year we need to remember:

Mental Illness Doesn't Take a Vacation

Summer Appeal 2013


Dear Friend of NAMI DuPage,

For individuals and families coping with

mental illnesses, summer can be an especially

lonely, difficult, and oppressive time.

While many of us can take a little time off

for well-deserved summer breaks, most of

the individuals and families we serve get no

such relief, so our support for them during

the summer is more important than ever.

We know from your past giving that you

understand the urgent and continuous

needs of so many in our community, and

that knowledge encourages us to once again

ask for your generous support. Thank you so

much for your consideration!


Please Help Us to Help Others!

Our Resource Line is open each business day

to offer support, resource information and

real hope to individuals and family members in need


Front Desk

Resource Line Staffer: “I can be on the phone for an hour, with a family in crisis.   A lot of what they need is to have someone listen to them… know that someone cares… have someone offer them hope… just know that they’re not alone!”


Our Drop-in Recreation Centers welcome individuals with mental illnesses so they can socialize, relax, and receive peer support.

drop in center help


· Drop-in Rec Center Participant: “I have a place to go where there’s a shared experience and a collective interest…  I have a group of individuals who are in the same position that I am, and it gives me a space to vent and be free and have fun at the same time.”


Support Group II

Our Support Groups provide support weekly for Individuals and bi-weekly for Family Members and offer resources, time to share and hope.



· Peer Support Group Participant: “To have people who genuinely want to help you... that is just a wonderful feeling!  The help I’ve received from NAMI has strengthened my recovery.   I’m working, I have good relationships, and I have a little place that I call home.”


· Family Support Group Participant: “My husband and I know that we’re not isolated, that we’re not alone, that there are other people dealing with the things we’re dealing with.  Without that group support, the kind that knows what we’re going through and says that things will be OK eventually, I think we’d be lost!”




We need your financial help

to ensure that these and other

important programs stay viable

throughout the summer and the rest

of the year. Last year, our summer

programs served over 1,400 people,

and we expect those numbers to

climb once again this year!

The vital work of NAMI DuPage continues.

Help us to help others!

Whatever amount you are able to donate will be very much appreciated!

We thank you on behalf of all the individuals and family members we serve.

Sincerely,  Angela Adkins -- Executive Director



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